CMAB Mission, Vision and Values

Investing in the Arts throughout Benton, Stearns, Sherburne & Wright Counties

Over the next four years the CMAB will:
  1. Help to foster a thriving, collaborative and innovative arts community through partnerships and financial support.
  2. Strive for excellence in leadership and the responsible distribution of arts funding.
  3. Increase the quality of life in our region by engaging residents in the arts, enhancing education and improving arts access.
  4. Nurture artists’ professional needs and expand opportunities for them to create, showcase and profit from their work.

Creativity and Artistic Integrity: The CMAB recognizes excellence in free and innovative artistic expression as integral to the intellectual and creative development of everyone. We value these qualities as principal criteria for our support to local organizations and individuals.

Accessibility and Diversity
: The CMAB is committed to supporting a variety of artistic programs that serve many cultures, ages, genders and artistic disciplines in order to encourage a dialog of respect and understanding.

Civic Engagement:
The CMAB believes a strong artistic presence is central to building healthy communities and is committed to promoting the positive economic and social impacts of the arts.

Lifelong Learning through the Arts:
The CMAB values opportunities for collaborations between artists, educators and community to convey artistic viewpoints in all disciplines of learning.

Corporate Accountability: The CMAB provides fair, professional and transparent support to organizations and individuals through distribution of funds in an ethical and legal manner open to public review and discourse