The CMAB is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors made up of volunteers recruited from Benton, Sherburne, Stearns or Wright County for their knowledge and interest in the arts, arts programs, organizations, and artists in the four-county area.
Directors must have experience and knowledge in at least one element of organizational operations such as: administration, finance, personnel, program development, public relations/marketing or grant writing and the ability to make impartial decisions based on objective criteria.

Responsibilities & Expectations

    • Carry out the mission of the CMAB: Investing in the Arts throughout Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright Counties
    • Possess an interest in the growth and development of all art forms.
    • Willingness to work cooperatively with individuals and groups both within the CMAB and with all social-economic levels in the communities served.
    • Regularly attend a minimum of eight meetings each fiscal year, September through December, & March through June – a $50 stipend is available. Most meetings are virtual using Zoom.
    • Attend scheduled meetings fully informed and prepared to make required decisions.
    • Represent the CMAB at a minimum of three regional (3) grant funded arts events each fiscal year.
    • With the assistance of the executive director and staff, develop the annual budget, governing policies, grant criteria and review procedures.

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  • Provide the Names of the Organizations, Titles held and Dates
  • Bios are used for CMAB reports and to inform applicants about the review process.
  • List any educational experiences formal or informal.
  • Indicate any experience you have as a panelist, juror, or member of a nonprofit board of directors.