Heidi Jeub

Multidisciplinary Visual Art

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Teaching Artist Statement

I am an experienced teaching artist and community-based art practitioner, having worked with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Teaching painting, drawing, collage, and design thinking, I approach the learning experience with an open heart and creative toolbox.

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

My curiosity leads me to knowledge. I observe, document, write, and paint, learning about the details around me, and the way things are made. I teach this curiosity to my students, so that they learn some basic skills in art making.

I set up the classroom for success by being prepared to work with learners from all different backgrounds! Teaching is a form of improvisation, where I set the stage, and the players are the students. We create, reflect, and refine our work together.

Residency Projects

Visual Journaling
Introduction to Bookmaking and Artful Learning and experimentation, with emphasis on other core subjects that depend on keen observation. This residency serves as reinforcement alongside subjects already taught in (English, natural sciences or social studies.)

Students will learn the tools and techniques that make a hardcover book, which includes math, geometry, and engineering in its many steps.

The Language of Art through Abstract Painting:
An opportunity to explore acrylic painting, design concepts, and gestural considerations through abstract painting. Learn about the elements of art and principles of design, using terms that we often use in our everyday life, but we focus on as a visual language.