Alison N Yager

Visual Art, Drawing, Painting

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Teaching Artist Statement

I am an idea driven artist that can help sort out meaning in most projects. Put a problem in front of me and I will inspire a creative solution.

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

When supporting others to create, I ask questions and provide genuine feedback. I am a born cheerleader and I quickly identify and redirect negative self talk.

Residency Projects

Land Art for Kids!
Let's work together to gather, sort, and count natural items and build a sculpture that can exist in nature until it doesn't. (inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy). This project would be highly collaborative. Initially will show examples of Andy Goldsworthy's land art. We will then make a plan I will encourage students to spend time collecting and sorting the rocks, leaves, sticks or ice pieces needed for the project. The time dedicated to collecting will depend on the scale and nature of the Sculpture. After we have collected our materials we will create groups and roles needed to complete the project. The amount of collaboration will be reflected by the skill level of participants. This class would be best suited for grade school classes that have access to nature. I could also tweak the class to be a team building activity that encourages communication and collaboration for groups of adults.

Mural Map Project.
Participants will draw important landmarks in their community and using a projector we will use these illustrations to create a mural map of the town. I will ask students to draw the places that they feel are most important in their community. Through group discussion we will place the drawings relative to one another based on the actual layout of the town. I will then document this and transfer the drawings onto the wall using a projector. I will at that point either paint the mural myself or lead the students to paint it, depending on age and skill level.

Elevated Doodling
I will encourage the class to doodle freely while I present some other peoples sited* research on the benefits of doodling to learning and brain health. After the presentation I will help determine which parts of the doodles are most interesting and lend well to repetition. I will provide sheets of quality art paper to create a mindful larger scale elevated doodle of their very own! This class is best suited for adults.