Solveig Anderson

Visual & Fiber Arts, paper & mixed media, repurposed materials

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Teaching Artist Statement

“Can you use this?” Is music to my ears. I think the curiosity that spawns from the process of artful re-purposing is a spontaneous gift. Look what I made, from that - while my brain was at play.

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

I want students to become aware of their surroundings and interested in the visual stimulation around them so that they will never have to be bored again.
I am optimistic and push beyond mediocre
I am young at heart and encourage whimsy and silly – the brain cannot function freely if always in demanding performance modes.
I loved school and remember people who took an interest in me.
I like to listen and am comfortable with periods of quiet.

Residency Projects

I Have a Voice Cards: This is a lesson where we infused art with a middle school social studies standard about movements of all kind in the past 70 years, 1945-1989. Topics such as: Conservation Movement, college campus demonstrations, Women’s Rights, Martin Luther King, Post World War II Economic Boom. The big question: A single voice has strength. We make cards from cut-out information found in print materials and artfully arranged a description of our unique voice. Sharing and reflection is encouraged on where and how voices are used. The cards are mailed to them, they respond to them and then send them back to school to be used for continued strength building in their classrooms.