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Laura Ruprecht
Area of expertise

Public Art, Mosaics, Printmaking

Artist Statement

Each piece of glass is broken, cut, shaped and formed. One piece of glass alone does not seem to make a significant aesthetic about the artwork, but many pieces collectively as a whole can create a larger representational piece. I like how mosaics can do just that, taking a bunch of jagged, sharp, ugly miscellaneous glass pieces and arrange them in a way that can be something beautiful. I love the idea of taking something that was once whole, it finds its way of becoming broken, and then it somehow finds its way to become intact again, but with many imperfections. Mosaics are like the life cycle of death and rebirth.
Mosaics have stood the test of time as being one of the oldest art mediums. Birds are one of our oldest species of the planet. I create mosaic birds because of the correlations they both have in one another. Bird symbolism has been in many cultural, religious, and literary contexts. They have been symbols of rebirth and death. This is what I try to explore in my designs and how I choose to create my mosaics of birds.

Artwork ExampleArtwork Example
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