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Jonathan Wilson
Area of expertise

Scriptwriting, digital illustration, comic page layout,

Artist Statement

I'm both artist and writer of Cloudy Sky Comics, an independent (web)comics studio
Inspired by a Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug. I treat my indie brand/making comics as a livelihood than a
business. I'm just not a very competitive creator, I'm more focus on entertaining
readers than making money. At conventions, making money is more of a bonus than
an end goal to me. Other creators have the competitive focus and goals of making
money. I just never thought of any competitive goals outside of making comics. I
don't mind if my comics make little to no sells. Because I'm always motivated to
make more. I have too much passion for making comics; I really don't see myself
doing anything else beyond that. I just have so many ideas in my head that I don't
want to go to waste. To me making comics is more than my mental health it gives me
a sense of purpose, a means to exist.

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