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Joshua Woof
Area of expertise

Contemporary Ceramics - Craft and Theory

Artist Statement

The ceramic vessel or pot has long been an archetype of human culture & community, used for the preservation of food, culture, and the human spirt. The ceramic vessel is made from a material that has real permanence. The act of turning raw material into ceramic material is an ancient industrial practice that still serves these functions today.

The work that I make reflects my own visual vocabulary of the natural environment as a means of telling a story through material form. I do not wish to recreate nature, but manifest in abstracted forms the ephemeral moments I wish to make tangible. I want my work to reference places I have been, seen, and touched—places that have had a profound impact on my spirit. By recreating these experiences, I’m able to respond in new ways to my environment.

What I appreciate most about clay, is the tactile experience of using my hands. It is in this experience where I find textures and surfaces that are interesting. The natural environment is full of colorful patinas, texture, and smells. The quality of the material and its ability to express these characteristics are of special interest to my work. It is the structure of these new surfaces that creates an intrigue and calls to mind memories of exploring the outdoors. The process of making something with my own hands is a very rewarding activity for me. This is truly an enjoyable aspect, along with the fulfillment and joy that it brings to others who obtain my work.

Artwork Example
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