Teaching Artist Roster

Paper Collage, Mixed Media

I have worked with children, youth, adults and seniors of various abilities, nationalities and languages. By providing safe exploration in

Writing, Photography, Journaling and Sketchbooking

Storytelling helps us make sense of the world and who we are. I bring three decades as an award-winning journalist

Printmaking, Batik, Collage/Assemblage

I enjoy interdisciplinary approaches blending a variety of mediums, incorporating cultural influences with creativity. I embrace the joy of all

Mosaics, Public Art

I love the idea that one piece of glass alone has no significance until it is brought together with many

Acrylic Inks

I use the creation of painted human figures with imagined biologies to provide insights into others' physical worlds and teach

Public Art and Placemaking

As an experienced community development professional and emerging creative (placemaker and public artist), I seek to curate people inspired spaces.

Multidisciplinary Visual Art

I am an experienced teaching artist and community-based art practitioner, having worked with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Teaching painting,

Painting, Bookmaking

I teach the use of collage, painting from still life, from imagination and art history. I specialize in using recycled

Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Life-Writing

As a writer and writing teacher for the last twenty years, I've helped students across the United States cultivate a

Visual Art, Drawing, Painting

I am an idea driven artist that can help sort out meaning in most projects. Put a problem in front

Photography, Storytelling, Nature-based math and science

A 35-year seasoned educator with a creative soul who enthusiastically encourage others' expressive explorations through photography, audio stories, geometric design,

Visual and Literary

I hope to encourage children and adults to more freely explore art. You may not be an artist, but you