Teaching Artist Roster

Printmaking, Batik, Collage/Assemblage

I think of art creating like a storyteller. I use art to stitch together interdisciplinary and cultural ideas. I bring

Visual Art - Painting and Drawing

I believe in the emotional healing & constructive side of art and what can come from conversations. I enjoy teaching

Multi Media Sculpture

I bring excitement and connection with academic concepts and/ or help capture the imagination by exploring new and exciting technologies

Fiber, Painting, Natural Dyes, Mixed Media, Paper Making, and Book Arts

After having twins I set aside my paint brushes and picked up a needle and thread. What was to be

Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Life-Writing

As a writer and writing teacher for the last twenty years, I've helped students across the United States cultivate a

Creative Expression, Abstract Painting

My current work has been focused on at risk underprivileged youth. I find creative was to have meaningful conversation around

Digital Art

We say we value art but do we value all art? I am a digital artist who is a youth

Acrylic Inks

I use the creation of painted human figures with imagined biologies to provide insights into others' physical worlds and teach

Mosaics, Public Art

I love the idea that one piece of glass alone has no significance until it is brought together with many

Paper Collage, Mixed Media

I have worked with children, youth, adults and seniors of various abilities, nationalities and languages. By providing safe exploration in


I bring an enthusiasm for painting and eagerness to share this experience in a fun and rewarding way. I create

Visual & Fiber Arts, paper & mixed media, repurposed materials

“Can you use this?” Is music to my ears. I think the curiosity that spawns from the process of artful