How the CMAB defines Art

Art can describe several things: a study of a creative skill, a process of using the creative skill, a product of the creative skill or the audience’s experience with the creative skill. The CMAB defines “arts” as activities resulting in the artistic creation or artistic performance of works of the imagination. When we say arts, we are speaking very broadly of visual, performing, media, literary and interdisciplinary art forms through which we learn about, explore, shape and express the human experience.

These activities include the disciplines listed in CMAB’s online application form. The list of disciplines is part of the National Standard for Arts Information Exchange which was developed by the National Endowment for the Arts and other state, regional and national organizations. Arts agencies are required to report on their activities using this standard set of codes. The CMAB uses these disciplines to define and report the art project activities supported.

We recognize that the nature of creativity involves constant innovation and therefore we may encounter artists whose work does not fit squarely within the description above or the discipline codes listed. This definition is meant to guide and not limit, and we encourage you to contact the CMAB if you have questions about a creative practice you engage in and whether it is eligible for CMAB funding.