Find an artist and contact them to discuss options for your residency. Based on your discussion, the artist will submit a proposal to the CMAB to receive up to $2,000 in funding to conduct the residency. Teaching Artists listed on the roster have completed a seven-session training in preparation for working in a residency program to support educators by making connections between their art form and the Minnesota State Academic standards in the arts, integrating the arts with concepts in other subject areas, professional development for educators, and working with specific student populations.

*CMAB does not conduct background checks for the Teaching Artist Program. Schools and institutions should use their normal screening process. Artists operate as independent contractors.

Creative Expression, Abstract Painting

My current work has been focused on at risk underprivileged youth. I find creative was to have meaningful conversation around

Visual Art, Drawing, Painting

I am an idea driven artist that can help sort out meaning in most projects. Put a problem in front

Acrylic Inks

I use the creation of painted human figures with imagined biologies to provide insights into others' physical worlds and teach

Photography, Storytelling, Nature-based math and science

A 35-year seasoned educator with a creative soul who enthusiastically encourage others' expressive explorations through photography, audio stories, geometric design,

Drawing with graphite

I have provided Art Residencies to elementary students Preschool - Grade 7 in the Buffalo School District, surrounding districts and

Fiber, Painting, Natural Dyes, Mixed Media, Paper Making, and Book Arts

After having twins I set aside my paint brushes and picked up a needle and thread. What was to be

Music, piano, violin, viola, mandolin, vocal

With over two decades of experience in public school education, I have dedicated myself to fostering a love for music


I bring an enthusiasm for painting and eagerness to share this experience in a fun and rewarding way. I create

Multi Media Sculpture

I bring excitement and connection with academic concepts and/ or help capture the imagination by exploring new and exciting technologies

Digital Art

We say we value art but do we value all art? I am a digital artist who is a youth

Fiber Artist

Weaving is my passion and I love sharing it. There is great satisfaction in watching the enthusiasm of each student

Poetry, Creative Writing, Creative Expression, Creative Performance

I bring insights from: neuroscience and somatic (body) awareness; mindfulness practices; and the crafting of literature to host safe spaces