Cristina Seaborn

Music, piano, violin, viola, mandolin, vocal

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Teaching Artist Statement

The rhythm of music is the rhythm of life! Make music, create, and spontaneously improvise, using string instruments, Orff instruments, barn dance, and song. Since 2001, I have taught K-12 in the public schools, including orchestra, band, choir and general music. My favorite projects have been the Composers Club, barn dances, and a bilingual finger puppet musical (Chinese/English).

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

String Orchestra residencies include fiddling, jazz, composition, and classical solo coaching.
The Rhythm of Life shares with students how rhythm is in every aspect of our lives. From our heartbeat, to the pace we walk, to the beat of a clock, rhythm is all around us. Though we have a steady beat in our heart, students struggle with reading rhythms correctly.
To make the connection with the body, the eye, and the hand, we will explore rhythm in many ways. Starting with folk dancing helps the student understand why the music has a beat for the footsteps of the dancer. Once a person feels the beat with their body, they can vocalize it with their mouth, clap rhythm with their hands, then they start to read music rhythms correctly.
The ipad has many applications for testing rhythmic accuracy. We will test the students before and after the residency to discern their progress in reading rhythms accurately.

Residency Projects

The Rhythm of Life (General Music)
String Orchestra (classical solo coaching, jazz, composition, and fiddling)
Barn Dance (General Music & String Orchestra)
Finger Puppet Musicals (General Music)