Cristina Seaborn

Music, piano, violin, viola, mandolin, vocal

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Teaching Artist Statement

With over two decades of experience in public school education, I have dedicated myself to fostering a love for music among K-12 students. Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of instructing various disciplines, including orchestra, band, choir, and general music since 2001. Among my most cherished endeavors are the Composers Club and barn dances, which have brought joy and inspiration to both students and the wider community.

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

I am committed to empowering students through the transformative power of music. Whether guiding string orchestra students in classical solo coaching, jazz improvisation, composition, or fiddling, or leading barn dance sessions that bridge the realms of general music, physical education, and/or string orchestra, my ultimate goal is to ignite a lifelong passion for the arts in every individual I have the privilege to teach.
Central to my pedagogical approach is the belief that creativity should be explored and nurtured within the classroom.
My curriculum encompasses a comprehensive exploration of rhythm in its various manifestations to forge a strong bond between rhythm, body and mind.

Residency Projects

String Orchestra (classical solo coaching, jazz, composition, and fiddling) - From fiddling and jazz to composition and classical music, students are exposed to many genres within the welcoming confines of the orchestra classroom. Through these immersive experiences, they develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the multifaceted world of music.
Barn Dance (General Music & String Orchestra) - a unique opportunity for students to engage their bodies, eyes, and hands. Through age appropriate choreographed movements synchronized with the music, students learn to navigate every eight beats of the rhythmic tapestry enriched by utilizing the danceable tunes of the Chimes of Dunkirk CDs. As a testament to the lasting impact of our work, the barn dance curriculum is given to the school, ensuring its continued use even after the residency concludes. These engaging and inclusive events are open to the public,
Potential Residency Projects co-created with the Teacher and Teaching Artist to best fit the needs of your students