Jill Dubbeldee-Kuhn

Mural, illustration & book making

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Teaching Artist Statement

I am a living sponge for color and creativity. My job as a teaching artist is to spread the love of hands-on discovery through my own art and passion for books, learning and the next generation.

Explore and Nurture Creativity in the classroom

Hands-on applications
Contemporary approaches
Projects that promote literacy

Residency Projects

"You Animal You" is a drawing class suitable for grade school in which I teach students how to create animated characters using letters from the alphabet as jumping off points.
"Old Book New Book" is a residency that can help us all answer such questions as : Where did books begin ? What did the first book look like? How are books from our past different from books today? What is the future of the book? Can a book be art?
Hands-on applications to learn the history of the book could include writing with quills,ink mixing, calligraphy, illuminated capitals,gold leafing, paste papers and making accordion books.