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Jen Steinkopf
Area of expertise

Graphic design, hand crafted home interior signs and baby stats, murals

Artist Statement

Hello, my name is Jen Steinkopf and I have been enjoying many different forms of art as long as I can remember. I received a scholarship from the Central MN Arts Board back in 1996. Since then I have been using my skills as a graphic designer by day making logos, home decor signs etc. then moonlighting doing murals. My current project is a mural behind Radio City Music Mall. I won a contest by providing my design to the radio station and was commissioned to paint my design! I am about half way done, please stop by to see my work!

Artwork ExampleArtwork Example

Day 18 - Be The Change Mural To some working in an alley is a hard no and trust me at first I was concerned and a little fearful. I cannot believe how different I feel about it. The past 3 painting days have changed. I have so so many people stopping to talk about the mural and telling me how much they love the added color to an otherwise dingy alley. I had a building owner a block away come chat with me about a potential mural! Another project would be awesome! As I drive through downtown I see all of these empty walls and ideas just start jumping in my mind! I want to paint the city!! One thing touched me yesterday, an elderly (possibly homeless woman) stopped and yelled to me from the street how beautiful the art was and how much she appreciated seeing beauty and color in our town. I told her I am hoping to do more, she said paint the city young lady and she would help if I asked 💜 so sweet and kind of her.#bethechange#savvysignsmn#artistinthealleySavvy SignsLeighton Broadcasting

Posted by Jen Kubat Steinkopf on Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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