CMAB Awards Artist in Residence Grants

At the September 15, 2022 meeting, the Central MN Arts Board (CMAB) awarded $16,494 to area organizations in support of Artist Residencies.
The Artist in Residence (AIR) program is designed to enhance education through the arts with supportive grants to schools and nonprofit organizations. The intention of any residency proposal must be to increase interaction between students, community members and professional artists.

1.  1st United Methodist Church, $3,500, The Poetry of Transformation: Healing Writing Practices, Writer-in-Residence workshop with Tracy Rittmueller.
2. Kennedy Community School, $3,500, a one-week Puppet residency for fourth-grade students conducted by artist Christopher Lutter Gardella.
3. Prairie Porcelain Painter of Albany, $2,800, artist Vida Klocke will teach a four-day class on technical issues of porcelain painting for the Prairie Porcelain Painters of Albany.
4. Sauk Centre Elementary, $3,194, artist Cara Lewis will work with 3-4th grade students to create 3-D fish from clay and sewing on canvas with 2nd grade students.
5. STMA Theater, $3,500, Theatre Musician and Lighting Technician Residency consisting of four artists that will rehearse and perform alongside St. Michael Albertville High School students offering professional standards and quality to the production.

The Central Minnesota Arts Board supports collaborative and innovative arts opportunities through partnerships and financial investments in Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, and Wright counties. The CMAB is one of eleven Regional Arts Councils designated by the Minnesota State Arts Board working with community partners to increase access to the unique cultural assets of Minnesota.