CMAB Awards Artist Career Development Grants

At the September 15, 2022, meeting, the Central MN Arts Board (CMAB) awarded $28,000 in Artist Career Development grants.
The CMAB Artist Career Development program provides funding in support of projects, training opportunities, purchases and other activities that assist artists in making the next step in their artistic careers. Funding for this program is provided by the McKnight Foundation.
Three criteria are used to evaluate applications: Artistic quality and merit, professional need and ability to complete the proposal. An applicant must receive an average score of 15 points (50%) or higher to be considered for funding.

1. JD Jorgenson, $3,000, to improve the studio wood kiln shed ventilation air quality system.
2. Steven Lemke, $3,000, to expand in the sculpture field with digital fabrication and imaging.
3. Kelly Meyer, $3,000, to purchase adaptive materials and supplies to provide specialized art classes for disabled children and adults.
4. Megan Jorgenson, $1,000, for a ceramic decal printer to reproduce drawings for layering on top of slip or stencils patterns.
5.  Desi Murphy, $3,000, creative time and development of a new collection of pieces focused on modern minimalist Scandinavian design.
6. Tracy Rittmueller, $3,000, for the publication and promotion of a second collection of poems.
7. Laura Ruprecht, $3,000, for creative time and resources for a growing body of mosaic work featuring Minnesota native bird species.
8. Timothy Takach, $3,000, to support the continuing development of “Unfashioned Creature”, new composition created for choir, percussion, cello and live dance.
9. Dennis Warner, $3,000, to purchase 4K video cameras, equipment, and software to upgrade promotional videos.
10. D. Helene Woods, $3,000, for supplies and materials to complete larger narrative abstracted companion painting series.

The Central Minnesota Arts Board supports collaborative and innovative arts opportunities through partnerships and financial investments in Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, and Wright counties.  The CMAB is one of eleven Regional Arts Councils designated by the Minnesota State Arts Board working with community partners to increase access to the unique cultural assets of Minnesota.